Dog Walking Contract & Profile

**Please PRINT clearly in blue or black ink**

***Fill in all applicable fields to the best of your knowledge***

Pet’s Name_________________________

Your Name__________________________

Address ____________________________


Home Phone ________________________

Work Phone _________________________

Mobile Phone _______________________

Emergency Contacts

Please circle yes or no if they have a copy of your house key. They should be able to make a decision about the care of your pets or home if we cannot reach you in case of an emergency.

Name ___________________________ Relation______________ Phone__________ Key Y/N

Should I be expecting anyone at your home or in your home during your absence? Y /N

If yes, Who?______________________

Veterinary Information

Name of Vets ______________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________________________________

Home Security

Locking Information: deadbolt / door handle / both/ Alarm or any other info


Dog Profile

Name __________________________

Breed __________________________


Male / Female

Spayed / Neutered: Y / N

Microchipped: Y / N

Color(s) _________________________

Distinguishing features __________________________________________________________

Favorite toys/games_____________________________________________________________

Food allergies/restricted foods_____________________________________________________

Major medical conditions (past or present) ___________________________________________

Medications (name, dosage, frequency) _____________________________________________

Has your dog ever shown signs of aggression towards a person or other animals/dogs (hackles,

growls, lunges, air snaps, contact bites)_____________________________________________

Any restricted exercises by veterinarian?_____________________________________________

Any limited or impaired sensory functions (deaf/blind)___________________________________

Any behavioral concerns or issues (resource guarding behaviors, storm phobias, noise phobias,

separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, etc)


Please tell us where you will keep the following items and any applicable instructions:

Leash ________________________________________________________________________

Collar/Harness _________________________________________________________________

Crate ________________________________________________________________________

Treats _______________________________________________________________________

Pet waste disposal _____________________________________________________________
Cleaning supplies ______________________________________________________________
The dog is in good health
The dog obeys basic commands such as: stay, sit, come, no
The dog is friendly toward children and adults

The dog is friendly toward other dogs and other animals

The dog is not nursing puppies

The dog has never started a fight with another dog

The dog has never bitten a person

The dog has never started a fight with another animal

The dog has never been declared a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog, or a vicious dog or potentially vicious dog by an agency

The dog does not have to be muzzled around people

The dog is not a trained guard dog or protection dog


Terms and Conditions

1 Payment is required up front and must include any additional fees or charges. Check and cash

are accepted at this time. Client understands this contract and takes responsibility for prompt

payment of fees. Client authorizes this signed contract to be valid approval for future services of

any purpose provided by this contract permitting BollysDogs Walker to accept telephone or

email reservations for service and enter premises without any additional signed contracts or

written authorization.

2 BollyDogs Walker is authorized to walk the dog as outlined in this contract.
3 BollyDogs Walker is also authorized to seek any medical care if deemed necessary with

release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expenses, and is authorized to

approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a

veterinarian. Client agrees to reimburse BollyDogs Walker for any expenses incurred

attending to this need.

4 In the event of personal emergencies or illnesses, Bolly Dog Walker will notify client as

promptly as possible and fees for missed walks will be reimbursed.

5 The client is responsible for any costs/payments due to bites. If a bite occurs, BollyDogs

Walker is responsible for reporting it to authorities.

6 All dogs are required to be fully vaccinated.
7 BollyDogs Walker reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during

this term.

8 Client understands that this contract is for walking only and will not include any training.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice is required. Cancellations with less then 24 hours

notice may be charged at the full rate.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the best interest of both your dog and BollyDogs Walker, 1 hour walks will not be occurring

if the temperature is below -5 or above 30C or high winds or heavy rain prevent normal walking

conditions In the event of inclement weather, the dog will be given a toilet break and then the

rest of the time will be spent playing indoors.


Please Initial

House Keys

One copy of your house key is required. If you do not have a copy ready for us at the pre-service

appointment, we can make a copy for you for £5.


For liability reasons, your dog will never be let off leash for any reason, except for any medical


Release of Liability

I do hereby waive and release BollyDogs Walker from any and all liabilities of any nature for

the actions of myself, my pet(s), or any other person who accompanies me, or holds a key to my

home; except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of BollyDogs

Walker. BollyDogs Walker agrees to provide all services in kind, humane, reliable and

trustworthy manner. Client agrees to notify Bolly Dog Walker of any concerns within 24 hours

of their return. In case of an emergency, inclement weather or a natural disaster I authorize

BollyDogs Walker to use their reasonable judgment for the care and well being of my pet(s)

and/or house.

I understand that BollyDogs Walker can terminate this contract if my pet becomes a threat to

the safety or health of BollyDogs Walker or the community due to aggressive behavior.

BollyDogs Walker will contact client if pet(s) display aggressive behaviors or tendencies.

I acknowledge I am responsible for medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to

BollyDogs Walker or other person or animal caused by my pet(s). BollyDogs Walker

reserves the right to refuse service to any client, at any time, for any reason.

I attest that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. If anything changes

from what is listed, I will inform BollyDogs Walker before the next service is scheduled.

This signed document gives BollyDogs Walker authorization to enter the above listed address

as needed to perform the necessary service. I authorize this contract to be valid approval for

services so as to permit BollyDogs Walker to accept all future telephone, email, mail, on-line

reservations and enter my home without additional signed contracts or written authorizations.

________________________________ ________________________________

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